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but no really. he’s been playing ridiculously well lately. one thing that i love about him is that he doesn’t accept anything that’s less than the best. he definitely deserved that star.

now a couple bullet points:

  • landy got so angry tonight good lord
  • mcleod is handing out goals left and right
  • joe sacco annoys the shit out of me
  • anyone see landy and galiardi being total bros? it was AWESOME.
  • stastny and duchene are bros too
  • mcclement and malone totally deserve more attention
  • SUPER glad they called that last goal
  • i feel like varly should start next game
  • next game should be a simple win

overall, the avs have been doing AWESOME. they went from 13 to 10 in our division. hollaaaa!

so, who wants to take me to the next game? no? okay :c

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